|  Rewarding golfers for on-course achievements

GolfStatus helps golf courses drive more rounds, revenue and engagement with best-in-class mobile technology solutions.

Building a great customer experience

GolfStatus provides golf courses with mobile marketing channels to reach and engage the next generation of golfer. Courses use these channels to deliver exclusive rates, news, and rewards.  To power its rewards channel, GolfStatus uses Adolade.  Through a simple integration, Adolade helps GolfStatus (1) capture each individual golfer’s progress and performance over time, and (2) create powerful engagement campaigns based on important moments (e.g. a personal best round, a birdie, a golfer’s 10th time visiting a course, etc.).  These campaigns have helped GolfStatus achieve industry-leading user retention and engagement.

Personalization and scaling up

For a growing golf technology company, being able to scale and maintain a personal connection to users is imperative. “Over time, we’ve been able to adapt our feature set to better measure a golfer’s progress. Along the way, Adolade has made it really easy for us to incorporate new reward triggers based on those features, giving our client courses even more opportunities to engage” says Ross Labenz, a Business Development Specialist at GolfStatus.

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